Day 11

As part of the £20 budget challenge 


Toast and avocado and tomatoes

snack 1/2 banana blended with some frozen blueberries in a cup of soya milk

lunch black bean burgers (mash the beans with some cooked brown rice, cuimn, garlic, breadcrumbs and smoked paprika) and mould into a burger shape . serve in either a wrap or in a sandwich with lettuce and a few spring onions

dinner chickpea curry with rice , saute some of the onion peppers and mushrooms with garlic in some olive oil, add curry powder, cuminand turmeric ,salt and pepper to taste and saute for a few more moments until the flavours are released. add 1/2 can of cocnut milk and simmer gently. add a handful of spinach and simmer down for a few minutes, then pour over wholegrain rice