Day 7

Tofu three ways…/

top tips for tofu!!!

*use FIRM tofu for savoury dishes
* and SILKEN tofu for sauces and desserts, as a general rule

* assume all these savoury dishes uses FIRM TOFU

* firstly, drain all of the excess water from the tofu, and pat dry with a clean t towel

* I then wrap my tofu in a cotton cloth over night to absorb most of the moisture. you can add a weight on the top, or use a tofu press to squeeze out all the moisture, this makes it much firmer. and better to use xx

* for currys, and skewers etc cut into cubes, but you can play about with the shapes, oblongs, triangles, small cubes, huge squares depending on the look you prefer for your dish

* coating the tofu in spices or cornmeal/ tapioca flour adds an extra crisp to the outside

* shallow frying also makes it crisper on the outside and deep frying gives the best texture,but i only use that method on occasion as we know its not healthy

***scrambled tofu

serves two

place a little olive oil into a fry pan and saute some sliced mushroom,green onion,and tofu (about 3/4 block of cauldron) that has been broken up with the back of a fork until it resembles crumb. season with salt and pepper. stirfry until the tofu begins to crisp up then add a large handful of spinach and 1 tsp of turmeric…keep stirring until the spinach is wilted,. then add onto toast with tomatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds and some chilli sauce , or even good old brown sauce is yum

griddled tofu

cut 1 pack of cauldron into two then slice lengthways to get four ‘steaks’
pat dry and place into seasoned spiced flour, salt and pepper, and either…..cajun spice mix, jerk spice mix , or cumin and smoked paprika mix, either of these blends are delicious
place onto a lighlty oiled griddle pan and sear for around 5 mins on each side, you will get that lovely char grilled appearance

serve with cous cous, rice or bulgar wheat with green vegetables and chilli or garlic mayo