Money and time saving tips


Hello everyone . Sheena from Truffleupagus Vegan Yums here.

As a cook, running my own business, and also a vegan activist spreading education on a vegan lifestyle, I often hear that vegan living is inconvenient , time consuming and expensive.

I am here to show that it is is none of those things with some tips recipes and advice to save time, save money and eat healthy and help the planet and the animals at the same time.

So first, here are some of my top time saving AND money saving tips



BATCH COOK . I often cook up entire packets of rice, beans and grains to have them ready to add to meals on busy days. Cook up the grain you like, rice, barley, buckwheat, (couscous and bulghar dont freeze as well) and freeze in single portion baggies, or tupperware. Remember to take them out of the freezer on the day you are serving them . Beans are the same, freeze them after cooking in single serving sizes and use , direct from frozen into stews and soups,or defrosted into humous, burgers and salads.

FROZEN VEG frozen veg is very useful to have in the freezer to add to and bulk out meals. I always have green beans, sweetcorn, peas, and spinach .Personally, Im not a fan of frozen carrots, but you can get a bag of mixed veg which are useful , and just as healthy to add to curries, stews, and chillis

SHOP AROUND.. I know its not the most time consuming thing to do, and I am guilty of relying on the one supermarket, but by shopping around you can save up to £1.40 on a can of coconut milk for example. B and M do one for 50 p…whereas Tesco own brand comes in at nearly £2!!

BULK BUY…by buying larger bags of beans and grains, and as long as you use them within the best before, you can make huge savings . Dried beans and grains come in so much cheaper than cans and boxes .

BULK BUY VEGETABLES …get a group of friends together to buy sacks of potatoes, carrots and other vegetables direct from your grocer. I bought 20 kg of maris piper potatoes last year for a fraction of what I would have paid buying them in the 2kg bags they normally come in. So if you got a few friends together and shared, massive savings can be made

CHECK OUT THE BARGAIN AREAS . Find out when the big supermarkets have their sales on, and go see if they have fruit vegetables and groceries that are nearly at their sell by date,. If there is a glut of raspberries for example, get them and freeze them to use over oats or in smoothies.

MAKE DOUBLE. Its so much cheaper on the purse and on your electricity or gas to make a few things at a time on an already working oven . If you are baking potatoes, put in some veg to roast for a salad the next day . Or add in extra potatoes to freeze for another day . If you are making lasange, make two and freeze one for a busy day when you just dont have time.