I love a list and lists love me .

I love a list

I really do

I love to write down all of the things I need to do , and tick them off one by one, each one lifting my spirits and giving me a warm glow

I sometimes, in times of incredible busy-ness, put things on my list I’VE ALREADY DONE to make it seem like I have already completed many tasks, and I’ve only a few left.

Even better than a list, is a journal.

A brand new book, with crisp unspoiled pages, ready to attack with a pen with a fuzzy topper, or that looks like an avocado.

I can write my dreams, my thoughts, my fears, my ideas, my hopes, my secrets.

At the moment, for me, the key is the list.

My day is normally very standard, gym ,work, socialising, home, housework.

That may sound boring

It looks boring.

But it isn’t.

I love my work, I’m a self employed drama tutor and teach often times over 100 kids per week. That involves coming up with brand new work plans, full of imaginative and creative ideas to keep them amused and entertained. I never do the same work plan twice!

I also run a catering business which involves coming up with brand new menu plans, full of imaginative and creative ideas to keep the customer delighted and happy. I never do the same menu twice!

I’m busy and active and ….in my darkest moments, I fear that I’ve lost it all.

That scares me.

So this is where my list comes in. and this is very important ,for me, and I suspect you too.

It fills my day with purpose. A reason to get up ! Stops me from rolling over and sleeping til midday .

Maybe once, when I was younger, the thought of laying in bed every day until 12 sounded like the dream. Or when we get a day off or are on our holidays a lie in sounds bliss, of course. |

But ask yourself this, if you are asked in ten years time how you spend the Covid 19 months, and your reply was , ‘sleeping’, would you regret the waste of all that beautiful time you will never get back?

So my list consists of my plan. My plan to fill my day with as much , home based wholesomeness as is humanly possible. Cooking,learning, reading, exercising, drawing,painting, baking, gardening, cleaning, cat cuddling, man cuddling, talking, listening, wee nap, walking , and most importantly focusing. On the moment.

My dream is to emerge from this like a butterfly.

With dyed roots, washboard abs and like I’ve just woken up in a cornflakes ad.

I DONT want to look or feel, like I’ve wasted the opportunity of time, the gift of all the free time in the world to do what I want, with puffy eyes, grey hair and a squishy butt.

This time we have, is a precious gift. Not all of us are lucky to have time. We have but one life, and this is the time to decide what we really want to do with it xxx