Great Taste awards 2022

These are very attractive hand-made looking truffles with a chiffon dusting of cocoa powder. We loved the texture, the depth and darkness of the chocolate and the well-judged ping of citrus. We were so impressed that these are dairy free!! Wow – what an achievement

.These little rustic-looking truffles look handmade and have a nice dusting of cocoa on them. The aroma is rich, fruity and inviting. They cut easily and the texture is smooth and luxurious and melts in the mouth nicely. The orange flavour is rich and works with the dark chocolate,

Fabulous rich, smooth texture, really luxurious. The hint of orange works a treat with the dark The flavour was intensely orange which was well-liked and the cocoa dusting gave it a bitter note to balance the richness.

Overall we felt it had a good level of sweetness and would be delighted to have a piece at the end of a meal. chocolate. Impressively creamy and indulgent for a vegan chocolate. These are very good truffles.



Absolutley delighted to win a 2 star at the 2022 great taste awards for my chocolate orange truffle .

Above are the reviews I’ve been given ,outlining flavour and texture !!