Truffleupagus Vegan Yums speciality cakes and occassion desserts.

Below is a list of all the flavours of cake and desserts Truffleupagus Vegan  Yums offer .

If possible it would be ideal to order at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if it is for a very special occasion . Slots also get booked up very quick. 

Please note unless its on one of our delivery day cakes are collection only from East Belfast , with the exception of large celebration cakes. They need to be built and stacked at the venue to ensure they arrive intact and are finished perfectly. This will incur a small fee depending on location , for delivery .


Storage and transport details, As vegan buttercream has a higher water content than butter, it has a slightly faster melting point. All cakes must be kept in the fridge, preferable in an airtight container, and will last 5 days from collection .



All cakes are three layer, sandwiched and decorated with, buttercreme


(image  above Black forest gateaux with chocolate butterfly)

Chocolate vanilla . A chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercreme

Chocolate chocolate . A chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercreme

Chocolate orange . A chocolate sponge with a chocolate orange buttercreme

Chocolate caramel .A chocolate sponge with a vanilla buttercreme and caramel centre

Chocolate strawberry and creme .  A chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercreme,  home made strawberry compote centre and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Chocolate notella . A chocolate sponge with roasted hazelnuts and vanilla buttercreme




Vanilla (Victoria) sponge with vanilla buttercreme

Vanilla blueberry . A vanilla sponge with home made blueberry compote centre and vanilla buttercreme

Vanilla strawberry . A vanilla sponge with home made strawberry compote centre and vanilla buttercreme 

Vanilla raspberry . A vanilla sponge with home made raspberry compote centre and vanila buttercreme


Lemon sponge .A lemon sponge with lemon buttercreme 

Lemon blueberry .A lemon sponge with lemon buttercreme and a home made blueberry compote

Lemon raspberry . A lemon sponge with lemon buttercreme and a home made raspberry compote 

Lemon strawberry. A lemon sponge with lemon buttercreme and strawberry compote


Carrot cakeA rich fruit and cinnamon filled carrot cake with a vanilla or lemon frosting 

Banana and walnut Buttery smooth banana with crunchy walnuts, and cinnamon with a vanilla buttercreme . Brown sugar topping 

Please also feel free to discuss any cake flavour ideas you wish and I will work with you to see if I can make that work for you .


Please keep scrolling for images and desserts selection



Any personalised details , names, fondant characters etc, are extra and to be arranged . All cake artists have a certain style that they use so please note the above styles when you are looking for your cake .


I am now also able to offer wedding cakes too . Please message me to arrange your perfect cake for your perfect day .Wedding cakes can have a different flavour on each tier.

Prices start from £75 for a two tier (6 layer) cake

Florals can be arranged at cost price. i buy my flowers from Memento and they work with me to provide the best in seasonal flowers.


Rainbow cake .(image included above)

This is a 6 layer cake with each layer a colour from the rainbow and decorated with either white or black buttercreme and rainbow accents . Totally spectacular. 

 ‘this was the moistest vegan cake i have ever tried’  JB

‘I had one very happy teenager’ MW

‘such a surprise inside with all the colours’ MN


Please discuss if you need chocolate work , names or messages on your cakes 



Chocolate Notella truffle cake serves  6/8.

A biscuit base with chocolate ganache topping and roasted hazelnuts . Truffleupagus best seller £12

Chocolate orange truffle cake .

A biscuit base with chocolate ganache and a gorgeous orange taste sensation serves 6/8

£12 (great taste award winner)

Both can be made gluten free

Baklava .

A greek pastry dish with layers of buttery  filo pastry, filled with pistachios, and nuts, cinnamon and smothered in a rose or orange sugar syrup  serves 8/10 


Frozen cheesecakes 

all serve 6/8 .  A biscuit base with a cashew cheese and tofu silky cheesecake topping and home made fruit compote  or home made caramel and peanut butter.

Choose from





Peanut butter and caramel  


The fruit cheesecakes can be made gf

Banoffee pie 

A biscuit and chocolate base filled to the brim with ooozy caramel , caramelised maple bananas and vegan whipping creme  and topped with grated chocolate serves 8/10


6 layer chocolate cake

Cant decide what you would like? These cakes are super for birthdays and an intimate setting for a venue and serve 12

This cake has it all, truffle topping, caramelised nuts,  chocolate sponge, buttercreme and a biscuit base 


Pistachio 6 layer 

Biscuit and pistachio and chocolate base. Chocolate ganache, pistachio sponge filled with pistachio cream. More chocolate ganache and topped with roasted pistachio 

Don’t like pistachio? This can be swopped out for any other nut

12 servings