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TRUFFLEUPAGUS  vegan yums was set up in 2013. I have had a passion for cooking for over 30 years and worked as a vegetarian chef in my 20s (see my about me section). I myself became vegan in 2013 and my love of cooking increased and I saw a demand for delicious, home cooked meals, and treats. I was in Palm Springs, on holiday, and paid over $1.50 for a single chocolate truffle and knew that I could produce amazing food like this too, without the hefty price tag.

I have been passionate about cooking since I was a little girl, helping my granny bake our Xmas cakes, and making marmalade in her tiny kitchen, and progressing to making the family dinner at 8 years old. Once I became vegetarian at 14, my mum told me and my sister we had to cook our own meals, I think she was hoping it was just a phase, but no, I had caught the bug, so to speak.

At 15  I was helping out in the kitchens of Just Books, then based in Winetavern street, and by the time I was 17,  I was working at least 3 days a week in the kitchens of Giros, a vegetarian and vegan drop  in centre in central Belfast.  I am now vegan since 2013, and it is the easiest and most rewarding thing you can do for the animals, the planet and ourselves. 

I started out simply making the truffles, 15 flavours, including coffee, orange, toasted hazelnut, peanut butter, pecan and maple among others, but after the success of the first Irish Vegan festival in the Ulster Hall,  decided to branch out in a range that includes cakes, pies , pastries, cheesecakes, savoury wraps, pulled jackfruit, a range of speciality sauces, bbq, vegan garlic and parsley mayo, and delicious and filling grain and bean salads. The full range of products available for catering can be found HERE

I have catered at all of the Belfast vegan festivals to date and have also catered for weddings, private occasions, worked as a private chef for a family of 8 and provided the Vegan catering at events for both The Body shop and Lush. I am also currently qualified to offer a bespoke meal planning and nutrition advice programme. 


black forest gateau buns
black forest gateau buns


Each year  TRUFFLEUPAGUS  vegan yums has provides  Christmas hampers, including cakes, pies, accompanying vegetables, sauces and truffles. I  cater for weddings and theme nights and have collaborated with Piccola Parma, Belfast, providing 3 and 4 course vegan meals for special events. 

I adore to cook and love trying out new recipes and entertaining. The rise of the interest in cruelty free vegan eating has made Truffleupagus a success, and long may that continue.

This year Truffleupagus will be working on a first cookbook, full of delicious and easy recipes to follow and a few other very exciting ideas in the pipeline. 

2020 has seen some difficulties and restrictions on many businesses, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Truffleupagus has been adapting to offer new menus delivery options to suit our customers. There are daily updates on my Facebook page, and you will be kept informed of everything that is on offer.

Please add yourself to my TRUFFLEUPAGUS  group on Facebook or the TRUFFLEUPAGUS VEGAN YUMS page on Facebook, for recipes and current and updated information of events and everything food-related .


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